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Saturday, May 14, 2011

All of Our RV Furry Friends

Do come back to this post often - I will be adding pictures...

"Felix the Cat"
Master is Alina & Felix
(Our Family)

Master is Tracy Koss
Today we'd like to share with you
This is Bessie
Master is Sharen & Bob

Bessie is too flipping CUTE!!
Master is Sharon & Bob

pictures of
all of our

R.I.P.  SOUL April 7th from Cancer
Master is Tracy Koss

R.I.P. May 6th at 15 years old Roxy
Master is Tracy Koss
Felix the Cat
Master is Alina & Felix Sanchez (our family)
FUN FACT: I had a picture of him laying on my back but Jorge's Dad
 had someone work on his computer and deleted all of picture
Master is Sue & Bob

This is Evie holding Clyde (who is the largest cat ever held by Evie)
Master is Ann & Greg 
Master is Gwen & Dale
Master is Gwen & Dale

Freckles AGAIN
Sue's favorite picture of her cutie!!

Master is Rufus RV Park Managers
I so love their names
Kizzee & ReRun
Master is Dinah & Keith
Amber loves Vacation time...
Master is Frank and Marytza Galvez
Amber Again...
Master is Frank and Marytza Galvez
Amber loves her toys!!
Master is Frank and Marytza Galvez

Cinder (with Master Michael)
Master is Michael & Lehnanna
Master is Michael & Lehnanna



  1. We sure love our furbabies!

  2. What a cute idea, Evie - I mean JuneBug, Milta and SnowPea. Way to get your master to showcase your friends. Morgan and Annie hope you enjoy your new digs in Idaho and have a great summer.
    Morgan and Annie the Cat.

  3. You sure have lots of friends; I am sure you will find more at your next stop too!


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