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Monday, August 29, 2011

Masters want Our Support

Hello. Not much to report. They said it was going to cool off today but it sure did not feel like it. We sleep and do much of nothing for another day and then it's hiking day. We can't hike unless our Masters have the day off and no day off till Wednesday. So we are woof woof excited... We are going to start helping our Masters out by adding a store signature on our articles. This is the main way they support us and we need to show our support to them. After all; playing, feeding, watering, walking (lots of it) loving and all those extras came to us with no price asked it's the least we can do in return. So check out their store and they do make pet supplies - all you have to do is ask for a custom order and they will work with you....

Our Master supports our way of living... Check out their Store....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meat Bees and Pets

A meat bee is not a bee at all, but a wasp from either the Vespula or Dolichovespula genus. Meat bees are also known as “yellowjackets,” especially in the United States. Outside North America, they are more commonly referred to as “wasps.” Humans and yellowjackets often have contentious relationships, because these wasps can be quite aggressive about defending their territory.
The term “meat bee” is a reference to the fact that these wasps feed primarily on other insects. In fact, they can be quite beneficial as neighbors, since they eat an assortment of insect pests. They will also scavenge if they find meat lying around, as many picnickers have learned. In the fall, when the wasps need to store up energy, they may also scavenge on sweet drinks and fruit for the sugar.
Bees and wasps are close relatives, but they are very different creatures, despite the fact that they look similar enough for some people to refer to wasps as bees. One of the key differences between wasps and bees is that bees have evolved to feed on nectar and pollen, while wasps eat a variety of foods, depending on their species. In the case of the meat bee, humans are primarily concerned with the potential for painful stings which may be dealt out by a nest of infuriated wasps in self-defense.

To read more go to:

It drive my female Master to hear the word Meat Bee. Back where she is from they say yellowjackets but either way it's very serious and duah of course your going to have them in the woods - there is no way around it. And with the summer here in Idaho which has only rained like once in the last 2 months they are out in force. And as pets we have to be careful. Although both Milita and SnowPea try to eat them - I know we're crazy. My female Master also does not like to use chemicals because that can be worse. So we swat using a bee swatter and it also act like a fan and so we are so spoiled. So beeeeee careful other pet friends.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Must Have Water Cat Video

This was so funny - JuneBug and his search for water....

Hot hot hot

It's been on the hot side and we pets arn't use to it - just like our Masters aren't use to it. So we keep quiet and keep cool by sitting outside with our Masters sleeping. How can you go wrong with a good 6 hour nap? We'll blog soon and get those fun pictures back up.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bark in the Park, Dog, Cat and other Animals

The Brooklyn Cyclones invite all dog lovers to come watch them play on August 22, 2001 at the annual Bark in the Park game at MCU Park in Brooklyn. The evening’s fun will include a photo contest of some of the dogs attending the game, and their pics will be shown on the video board.
Free doggie bags filled with great treats, gifts, and other things are being given to away as well as contests where owners will be asked to play the role of a dog. The players will play fetch with them and maybe even ask them to roll over.
The event starts at 4pm with an adoption area of Sean Casey’s Pet Rescue and the game begins at 7pm. Advanced online tickets are only $5.00 and meal vouchers are $6.25.
To Read more of this wonderful article click here:

I was so excited to read this... I so respect the fact that not everyone likes animals and leashes protect them and our pets but to know there are pet friendly places for us - this is just wonderful....

Woof Woof Approved and Meow Meow Approved!!

Milita, JuneBug and SnowPea all love children and we want to help pass on the word about helping children. We where saved by our wonderful Masters and well without agencies that cater to our lives both us kids and pets would have NO ONE and that is just not right. So help by reading the article and twitter or facebook but by all means do fan their Facebook to show your support - we did 3 times.!/pages/Youth-Equipped-for-Success-YES/182827895105073?sk=wall

These kids one day will want pets like us and if we can't help them then we have no right to good homes... We want love and we give love!!

Woof Woof Approved and Meow Meow Approved!!

Adventures on the Road: Youth Equipped for Success Y.E.S.: Youth Equipped for Success Juvenile Support Program Crystal Owens, LMSW- Project Director 5864 West Maine Street PO Box 1162 Sp...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Napping with the Master

Today was about being quiet... And so our male Master caught Milita is a cute sleeping pose.... Z'ssssss where a must on this day and Miltia was all for it!!
Tomorrow JuneBug will be the star of the blog - we caught him on video drinking out of cup - strange but funny video - be sure to check back!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our new Snack we like as Pets

So our female Master is walking us girls pretty early one morning and well SnowPea found some new treat for us.

Don't get to excited for us - these where given to our Master one day last week - but that's ok because we know where they are near us - however eating them off the ground is a bit tricky. But these are so good to eat. Both SnowPea and Milita eat these - SnowPea will eat Huckleberries too but Milita really does not care for them - STRANGE??? these are wild raspberries

Thursday, August 11, 2011

BB's Smokey Dun #388

Jorge has meet the crew... They are super wonderful folks who really do know their business about their horses. We would like to thank them for chatting up a storm with Jorge who as you know is the Scenic Lodge Gate Keeper (I am just the wife and I only do the paperwork - he gets to meet these wonderful people.... ) Milita of course being an ex working dog was all ears when their trailers came in - for goodness sake I want to live in the one they own - dang it's nice!! Read their story and you too will fall in love with Smokey. Be sure to Fan their Facebook page (read direction below - they really need our support and all you have to do is click "LIKE"

BB’s Smokey Dun #388

They have a Fan page on Facebook and what they really need is some Fans like you on their side. So click the link below and Fan their page and tell them Scenic Lodge Gate Keeper Jorge and his pets sent you over!!

Click this link below...

Smokey is a 15 year old Registered Blazer Gelding. The Blazers are bred for disposition, athletic ability, durability and heart. It’s because of that heart that Smokey is here today.

When I got Smokey as an eleven year old in 2008 he did not have a job. Basically green broke with perhaps 100 total rides in his life. Most of those rides had been up in the hills with a couple ...mountain hunting trips thrown in. I started using him in parades, O-mok-see’s (speed games on horseback) and in the competitive/extreme trail events offered. It was through the trail challenges that Smokey’s and my partnership became complete. When I was on his back there was nothing we could not do together. Then everything changed in an instant during a flag/drill team performance.

Smokey and I were involved in a horrible head on crash with another horse during the opening ceremonies of the Spokane Interstate Rodeo in September of 2010. The decision to put him down was made immediately – there was no question in my mind that he had broken his shoulder. To remove him from the public eye and make it easier to remove the body we decided to try and load him in a trailer. It was a long shot – the vet didn’t feel there was any way he would/could step into a trailer. When I got back with the trailer I remember the look in his eyes -- not crazed, scared, pain filled out of his mind look I expected but rather a huge soft ok mom whats next look of pure trust. Smokey hopped right in the trailer and that move saved his life. My vet standing watching swore Smokey raised/used that shoulder to get in the trailer. It was decided to take him home. Three hours later there was no swelling just a 3-legged horse and again Smokey’s eye was soft and calm with no sign of pain – we put off the decision till morning. It took about a week for all information, consultations, x-rays to come together with what they think really had happened. A horse’s scapula is attached not with bone but with muscles and ligaments. When we hit chest to chest with the larger horse it “peeled” Smokey’s scapula away from his body and tore/damaged the muscles, ligaments and nerves that surround it, hold it in place and are under it. Other muscles will take over for damaged ones but nerves do not heal. Smokey was put on a years stall rest with the known fact that he might still have to be put down at that time
Well nobody told Smokey that he might not have a future. He greeted you everyday with that huge soft trust in you look of his eyes. Every week showed improvement on how he used that leg. It did look horrible as the whole shoulder sunk in as the muscles died under the scapula. The vets said that the atrophy would never reverse – he would have a “sunken hole” in his shoulder for the rest of his life.

Fast forward to New Years Day – for the first time since the accident I turned Smokey loose in the indoor arena. He ran and bucked and farted doing flying lead changes and rollbacks while I sat and cried.

Fast forward to April ACTHA was doing auditions for America’s Favorite Trail horse. I had a Blazer gelding DJ that I signed up to ride. My audition location was Redmond Oregon – over 8 hours away. I called ACTHA to offer them Red Top Stables as an audition location since there were quite a few people in my area with the same long drive ahead. ACTHA said yes!! They were coming to me!! About this time I was telling my trainer that I really wasn’t happy with my audition horse DJ. We got talking about Smokey and just for the fun of it I got him out and trotted him around – he trotted sound!! After a long talk with my vets, chiropractor and trainer we saddled Smokey for the first time in 7 months just 8 days before the audition. Smokey did everything I asked like he’d never had a day off while again I just cried. So Smokey became my second audition horse with 7 days of 5 minutes twice a day riding to get back in shape after 7 months of rest after a almost life ending injury. If ACTHA had not come to me I would have never auditioned on Smokey!!

Smokey has never looked back since that day in April when I saddled him again for the first. We drove the 2400 miles to Texas and filmed the show. He has not taken a lame step or given us any cause to worry. The shoulder is no longer sunk in. The specialists that have been there all alone are amazed at his recovery and we all believe it comes right back to that 800lbs of heart in his 900lbs of body!

Check out the American Blazer Horse!! Durable, Athletic, Kind horses with TONS of heart. They are people horses that like to do things with their people!!

See More
Personal Information
In 2010 Smokey and I were involved in a head on collision during the Spokane Interstate Rodeo. Smokey separated his scapula from his body tearing all the muscles and nerves that hold the shoulder to the body. The vets didn't have much hope for recovery but Smokey's spirit was so positive each morning that we kept putting off putting him down. Every week he amazed us as he just kept getting better and better. Just 8 months later Smokey was riding sound for the America's Favorite Trail Horse auditions and off to Texas we went for the filming which will air in September 2011 on HR-TV. On this show America votes for their favorite horse!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Can Pets Talk?

Our pets can... But what is it that they are saying? Is it about their Masters? The weather? The news? What? Let see what you think.... Would love to know what you think??

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