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Monday, October 31, 2011

Blog Hop for Pets

This is a blog hop. It's FREE and there are just a couple of things to go over 1st. No Adult related blogs (porn/violence/weapons). Please be kind and follow at least 3 blogs and be sure to send them a comment telling them "Blog Hopping". This is great way to get your blog to get more followers and it's a great way to help each other out while making new friends!!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

JuneBug Sews So Say it aint So

Yes it is I JuneBug and well sometimes I just feel the need to be creative - heck if my male Master can then I sure the heck can too. This is a singer and it's done nothing but run in the last month or so. You see it helps feed us and our Masters (don't let the skinny man fool you - he can out eat a train if allowed).
Today I just wanted to add my paw prints and keep the machine warm while Master was resting or eating or something I just can't remember. Do my pet friends get crafty? Let's see what the cross-blog says....

MEOW boy these guys craft with their faces. Check out the pictures CRAZY but KOOL KAT!!

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Frog Hopping Our Choice of a Pet Sport by Pets

Today is the day we love most. It's when everything in the RV shuts down and it's about the 5 of us spending quiet time together. Long long ago our human Masters use to do jigsaws puzzles but the day that JuneBug moved in it all ended. Cats? umpff....

If we had TV it would be about the football and well our Masters have no taste in their choosen teams at all - Male Master likes the Miami Dolphins in which he keeps quiet these days because if memory serves us right they yet to win a game and that makes the Female Master gleam from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. Her team is the NY Giants - ok not too bad but better. We animals have our own choice too you know. Frog Hopping check out our video - and remember no frog were hurt or abused...

Why do we love it so - come on look at all those weird super funny humans moving in ways meant for something other then humans lol...

OK happy Sunday may you all have some quiet time to reflect. Off to nap now!!

The OTHER Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, with apologies to M. Twain

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Missing Dog Please REPOST this Article on Your BLOG

I am a part of the PET BLOG HOP and this family needs our help. Please repost this blog article onto your blog and lets find this puppy for it's family - if it were your dog you'd want good people like us to help so please help ASAP....!/groups/144707338900230/

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Pet Blog Hop

I am new to this PET BLOG HOP - and wow these folks/pets so rock!!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Dog Parks and Our Girls

I know my dogs and I know that dog parks are not for us. So stop pushing me to go to one folks... I have a Alpha Female Rescue dog who was abused by a STUPID Rancher. And well when we adopted her we were told "NO CATS OR OTHER PETS"  and well we had a cat and he was staying no matter what. We worked with Milita and to everyone shock, she gets along with the cat. SO THERE! And to really make things interesting we went and adopted another dog and so here we go again - but easy as pie...

Our dogs are not like your dog - so stop thinking you know how to handle mine better. Everything from food to toys I have to hear it.

Knowing I have a Alpha Female I found this article:

When a group of dogs (3 or more) are allowed to run together in an area where there are no strong pack leaders (human pack leaders), they instinctively try to establish a rank order (or pecking order). If there are several dogs that want to assume a certain rank within this new pack there are often problems. Too often this results in dog fights to determine what rank a dog will assume.

so believe me when I say this to all these in my face folks - I have a lot of respect for my animals as well as other pet owners and why would I chance any fraction of a possibility of having my pets or someone else get hurt?

The New York City Parks Department and the NYPD are looking into a threat against dogs in Central Park that was posted on Craigslist recently, according to DNAinfo. The Craigslist post, which has since been removed, announced there are “too many dogs” in the city, saying that there are “too many p–ing and s–ing everywhere. Kill them!” The post also states, “I am leaving poison in bits of meat and gravy dog food, poison the dogs!! (sic).” While the Parks Department knows the threat could be a hoax, they are “taking it seriously.” No dogs have been reported poisoned since the threatening post appeared online, but dog owners are alarmed nonetheless. To keep your dogs safe, be sure to keep an eye on them in the park, preventing them from eating items they find on the ground, and call 311 or 911 to report anything suspicious. 

so again lady I am a pet owner who loves her pets and it's always going to be that way... I am not saying parks are bad they are not for us.

Name Calling Pets: Here we go - don't like my breed and so insulting them in front of me is not going to win points. I mean come on already - did I force you to walk up to my pup? Keep your comments to yourself when you have different views of peoples dogs. I mean come on your being rude. My Chihuahua gets the brunt of this all the time - and to the twit who called my dog a psycho "GET A LIFE"- if you don't like my dog then you don't like me but then if you liked me you'd like my dog...

People can be so cruel. From comments to the under the breath (duah I am not deaf) and the eye rolling - oh yes the eye rolling gets to me every time. Why? I don't get it... Our dogs are so happy and we are with them 24-7 and they eat well and they are loved... Be happy or be off!!

To all the pet owners if you do the dog parks do be careful - not only for the puppy sake but for your own - I've read lots of reports of adult/children being attacked to people putting posion in food and nails and such to hurt your pets. So keep your eyes open and enjoy your four legged pets....

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Today's article may be harsh but it's for the lady who was a bit rude in regards to my pets - pushy bully and it's wrong of people to be this way. Now if I were abusive by all means of course be this way but we are none of these things. We love and honor our pets!! PERIOD..

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Cat Plus Dog Friendship

We are still in awww of this fact:
Milta and JuneBug

#A living under the same roof (Milita was one of the meanest dogs we've ever seen - wanted to kill everything in sight).

#B sleeping togethter

#C eating out of the same bowl at the same time (weird) and the same with the water dish)...

But don't get us wrong there is still a lot of stalking that goes on... Milita heards the poor cat almost 24-7 it's pretty amusing to watch!

Everything is possible if we would just open our hearts and mind. And sometimes keep our mouth shut....
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rawhide for Our Girls

Chewing... Contrary to the unfortunately very popular belief, those yummy little rawhide bone treats we give our dogs to provide distraction for our pets are actually quite bad for them.

We have never given our dogs rawhide bones before and the other day we did for the first time. They love them.... Like any toy whether for a child or pet you should always supervise your loved ones. Because everything in this world is bad for you when you get right down to it. This past summer poor milita had a major scare with chewing a stick - splinters and all.

We never leave them alone with their bones and put them up whenever we are leaving them... So our advice is always use caution.... And no we won't be giving our dogs future rawhide bones for a number of reasons - the main is the possible of swallowing a piece and they are unable to pass it through...

Cross-Blog Article
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How Our Cat Delt with Elevation

Not Pretty....

JuneBug is a 4 year old BRAT - No just kidding. Dogs are suppose to think that aren't they... We'd like to pretend that is the case but who truly are we fooling? Yesterday our hearts were so stressed because our cat pet had to be put in the "Pet Jail" - as we dogs call it. It's a place where and when SnowPea is bad has to go - which thankfully is not very often. HA-HA being a Border Collie I am exempt from "Pet Jail" because I am the true Master of this rig - well let me dream the little dream would ya?

Back to the point. JuneBug has traveled in the RV since he was like 6 months old and well he's a great traveler "EXCEPT" when we hit a major elevation change and the poor thing will howl. We are not use to that and we can't help him and it breaks our heart. And so we make special stops along the beating path for our female Master to sooth the ole boy.

Well we made it to our winter home. All happy and in one piece. JuneBug got a FREE PASS out of Jail and we headed for the hills - lol well the green lawn for dogs to conduct our business. Speaking of which folks - please pick up after us pets because it's you who will hurt in the long run - we are finding a lot of RV parks are now saying NO to pets or charging a EXTRA rate because of the dumb dumbs out there who refuse to take care of their pet's business....

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cat Caryon Roll Party Favors

And so the baby of our family also wanted to get in on the action - because EVERYONE loves Cats don't they?

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Puppy Dog Crayon Roll Party Favors

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pet Store Items

Our Male Master will be out of work and so we need to help make some doggie dough for him. Down below are samples of what can be done - but hey don't see something - then email them at and put in your custom order (already in the last 2 months they have done over 30 custom orders so the experience is there)...
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