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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mastiff Love

We just fell in love with this little guy and had to share. This was on our way to Walmart in Post Falls, Idaho. And since then we have meet all new friends. A lot of wonderful people bring their pets to ride their ATV's and OMG just seeing them ride with their masters is just beyond cool.
Do be patient our Master are still trying to work on getting their inet up and running soon so they can post like crazy. We have meet so many new people and have learned many new things and want to share with you all!! Soon.... We promise!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello everyone!! We are in Idaho right now and having a blast. I have to say (SnowPea speaking) I had many boo boo's from the grass and it's local bugs...

As you can see it looks terrible. But I never noticed. It was my female Master who seen these awful spots and freaked. But they are gone and I am back to being pretty. So what my master does is spray organic bug spray to help keep the bugs off of my tummy. So far it's working like a charm.
This is was taking about 20 minutes before we hit the road back in Rufus.
We are missing Klara big time!!

OK we have to stay on our leashes because there are bears, moose, deer, elk, turkey and I will chase anything because I have no fears (Milita Speaking). So here I am just being a total goof.

And JuneBug is loving the kitchen table. The reason being is because it's next to the window and from there I see all the wild birds flying here and there. But OMG when the big Tom Turkey with his feather in a full frame was an amazing thing to see. His wife wasn't far behind and is so tiny compared to ole Tom. We see hunters with big guns everyday and so I am safe and happy inside!!

We'll blog again in a couple of days - no inet right now!! Once we have it again we'll go crazy for you!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Moving Day

It's moving day. We so love moving days. We lay and watch our Masters work like crazy getting things in order. Sometimes we'll get lucky enough to see the male Master trip or something - this almost a guaranteed show.

SnowPea always travels on our female Masters lap and will have it no other way. It's some times hard on Master because she works from her computer and well SnowPea makes it hard to balance her and the computer.

Milita is a typical travel dog. She is up the entire time watching out the window. Always watching. She never gets sick and just enjoys every second of the adventure.

JuneBug is the one that gets the most attention and we think it's because the female Master baby's him the most. He gets to ride in the cat crate and is always being tucked somewhere safe and with-in arm reach of the female Master. JuneBug is their first pet and so I can understand why the extra attention on travel day. JuneBug is now very good on moving day and hasn't meowed since the first month of travel - two years ago.

We will be leaving within the hour and all of our items are in place to make the trip easier on everyone. Our leashes for those short stops. Our travel water bowls (JuneBug can't eat or drink until we are parked for the day - other wise he may get sick) and plenty of poop bags (our owners no matter where they are - are firm believers in picking up our scat - its the law in most states). 
We also stay on our leashes for many reasons. Its the law and just because our Masters love us doesn't mean you will - and so we must give all humans the right not to fear us. If they wish to come up to us and pet us - we so invite you to - but it's your choice. We like this law!!

And so we must go because there is more work to be done. Check out our pictures later today (we may not have wifi and may have to wait till tomorrow to post. But be on the look-out and drop us a line to say HI!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Church for Pets?

I so kid you not. I had googled "Church for Pets" to see what would pop up being that it is indeed Sunday. A day for rest for humans and just another day of rest for pets.

Here is a brief paragraph from their web site:
Church of the Enlightened Pets is a specialized ministry, our ministry fosters Pet's and Chaplains around the world. We offer every Chaplain a free listings in our Member Directory as a free service to our community. Each Chaplain works independently within their own congregation, ministry or non-profit organization. Independent Chaplains are able to provide an services to the community, such as pet loss grief support, perform memorial services, prayer for those animals who are injured or sick, as well as any other sacerdotal service that clergy perform.
Our Minister's can visit clinic's to offer support and services to others during surgery or time of need. As an ordained minister you can also perform memorial services.
We'll we got to thinking about all of the pets that travel by RV and what do they do in a time of need like this? We lost a pet because of the STUPID dog pound in Utah. I will forever hate those people. We went and adopted a 10 year old terrier and she was so cute and had so much hair that I put bows in there and do you know more men then women came up to her saying how cute she was. She was great.  I always had her in my backpack for bike ride and she loved them. But when we got her she had kennel cough and they lied about it. They gave us these huge cow size pills for this little dog and told us they where for her operation (she wasn't fixed). Well we gave the pills like told and and they gave us a free vet visit with their local vet and and I opt to go to one I already knew about and respected. It turned out she had kennel cough and those cow pills where given to her because of the kennel cough. She had ex rays done and they said she had a spot in her heart and at her age most likely would get worse. They changed her pills to something she could swallow easy and off we went. She died a week later.

You should always visit a dog pound twice before adopting a dog and if the crew there really take time with you and gets to know you - then you know they care. We now do that and we choose different times because it's nice to know what goes on off routine. I.C.A.R.E knows how great they are but they'll never know the hell we went through and how much their service meant to us. We love them so much that there link in on our side bar. So you can visit them any time you want to.

But for those of us that believe and celebrate the word of the Lord. I thought about what we share as a believer and how our pets fit into that.

- Isa 65:25 5 The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, but dust will be the serpent's food. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain," says the LORD.   

Saturday, May 14, 2011

All of Our RV Furry Friends

Do come back to this post often - I will be adding pictures...

"Felix the Cat"
Master is Alina & Felix
(Our Family)

Master is Tracy Koss
Today we'd like to share with you
This is Bessie
Master is Sharen & Bob

Bessie is too flipping CUTE!!
Master is Sharon & Bob

pictures of
all of our

R.I.P.  SOUL April 7th from Cancer
Master is Tracy Koss

R.I.P. May 6th at 15 years old Roxy
Master is Tracy Koss
Felix the Cat
Master is Alina & Felix Sanchez (our family)
FUN FACT: I had a picture of him laying on my back but Jorge's Dad
 had someone work on his computer and deleted all of picture
Master is Sue & Bob

This is Evie holding Clyde (who is the largest cat ever held by Evie)
Master is Ann & Greg 
Master is Gwen & Dale
Master is Gwen & Dale

Freckles AGAIN
Sue's favorite picture of her cutie!!

Master is Rufus RV Park Managers
I so love their names
Kizzee & ReRun
Master is Dinah & Keith
Amber loves Vacation time...
Master is Frank and Marytza Galvez
Amber Again...
Master is Frank and Marytza Galvez
Amber loves her toys!!
Master is Frank and Marytza Galvez

Cinder (with Master Michael)
Master is Michael & Lehnanna
Master is Michael & Lehnanna


Friday, May 13, 2011

RV Pets (Funny Friday)

An amazing talking dog

A man and his dog walk into a bar. The man proclaims, "I'll bet you a round of drinks that my dog can talk."

Bartender: "Yeah! Sure...go ahead."

Man: "What covers a house?"

Dog: "Roof!"

Man: "How does sandpaper feel?"

Dog: "Rough!"

Man: "Who was the greatest ball player of all time?"

Dog: "Ruth!"

Man: "Pay up. I told you he could talk."

The bartender, annoyed at this point, throws both of them out the door. Sitting on the sidewalk, the dog looks at the guy and says, "or is the greatest player Mantle?"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RV Words Done by Our Pets

Hello! And welcome to our very first post. We are a team of three pets. We all live with our Masters Jorge and Evielynne. Blah they have their own blogs to play with and we just felt we needed our own fame box.

Lets get the introductions out of the way so we can have some fun...
And so in pecking order here we go!!

JuneBug is my name and lets just get one thing straight.... I am a MALE!! Don't ask me why my Masters named me such a sissy name "it is what it is". I was born in 2007 Miami Florida in the month of March possible in the month of February and my owners then where such turds that I needed to go to a new home. And so the ads went on the telephone poles and what do you know my male master found the number to my complete amazement. And so this cute lady and this guy came to look at me and all of my sisters and brothers and there where about 8 of us in total. Well the cute girl grabbed my brother and the guy choose me. Well after that everything was such a blur for I hide for 4 days because it's in my nature to be a scaredy cat. And that is how I came to live with my wonderful Masters.

Milita is my name and I am one tough girl. I am approx 4 years old and I was adopted April of 2009. I have to be I am a border collie. A sad story I am. I lived on a ranch and I was a working dog and for some reason it just didn't make sense to me. Like for real you expect me to chase after smelly cows all day. Well my Master at the time was a mean sort and like to hit me and kick me and I became even meaner back in those days. I wanted to kill, kill, kill didn't matter if you where a cat or dog - I hated you. To make things worse my owner like to drink and when he drank he did things that should put humans in jail. Like lob of half my ear for fun. I should of been put to sleep but seen something in me and kept me clean, warm and well fed - although at night time it was prison for me being behind bars all night. I couldn't be around other animals because of how angry I was.
Well this girl and this cute guy came in and poked around for a long time. The cute guy got excited about me right away. But that girl wasn't so thrilled and even was afraid of me. Well they took me outside and as if I couldn't understand what they where saying - DUAH... I knew I was going home with them. BUT it wasn't so easy... You see my Master live in an RV and travel non-stop all around United States and that is something doggy adoption really doesn't know how to handle. But they sat and talked to the big boss and what ever they said WORKED. I was going home with them. BUT there was another snag. A cat also lived with them and how was this going to work. TIME-TIME-TIME and a lots of love and work went into me. And would you believe the cat and I are friends now. I am sorry to say it was not Love at First Site for the two us but it close to it now.

SnowPea is who I am. I am all drama. You see I am a chihuahua and to make things more interesting I too am a girl. I too came from I was adopted in Oct 2010. I am not sure what happen to me - I don't think I was abused because I have no fear and bounce around everywhere. I'm not loud unless strangers come by. I think I escaped or got dropped off. But what ever the reason is I couldn't find a better home. My first name was Madonna - yuck maybe because of the whole drama thing. I have had babies but can't remember what happened to them. I was fixed because that's the law in the animal prision world. My female Master fell in love with me and well I still get funny looks from my male Master. I am approx 4 years old too. I liked the cat right aways but now I love the old fat thing who goes by the name of JuneBug and Milita is my best friend. I like to groom her and I can be found from time to time grooming JuneBug as well.

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