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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Escargot Anyone?

Escargots any one? I don’t think so…. But sure love these photos. We really love the wild life up here. Check out our fun pictures. ENJOY!!
You can find these after a good rain storm or early in the morning when it’s still damp with dew. Our Master collect them and store them on this log but every day they seem to wonder off – this little guy however must enjoy our company because he’s always here.

OH these insects are terrible. They are so not shy about biting the day lights out of us. So when this happens we have to stay indoors. We don’t like them because they ruin our fun.
Our female Master loves these bugs. I am not sure why? We do however wonder what they taste like????

We get to see this little guy every day (little – yeah right) – he’s a bummer again we have to go inside because our Masters go goo goo over him. As If!!
This makes us hungry and don’t worry our Master say the same thing. And now to us – here are some fun pictures of us!! ENJOY…
JuneBug wishing he was a dog so he could go outside. The female Master would cry cry cry up a storm if he ever got lost. He is so spoiled. A Momma’s Boy!!
Milita and JuneBug playing hide and seek. A game in which is played at some really weird hours. But they love playing…

SnowPea such a drama girl almost thinks she’s human. She is ready for bed here and maybe got about 20 minutes of peace until JuneBug wanted to play.

And yeah “What of it?”

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