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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pet Hike

This was a fun day for Milita and SnowPea. Last Tuesday we went on a 10-mile hike and just had the best time ever. We had our lunch packed and water too just for us. Our female Master has a special bowl for us to use while out and about on such long adventues - we have a bowl that looks like a plate and turns into a bowl when we get thirsty and it's from Tupperware (every pet should have their own Tupperware).
We went to check out a "Speak-Easy" building from the 1930's era and what's left of it. I will explain more tomorrow about what we seen and learned - tonight is just about showing off our pretty faces.... Enjoy!!

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  1. It is good seeing you guys again. Looks like you are enjoying your pretty new countryside!


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