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Sunday, October 30, 2011

JuneBug Sews So Say it aint So

Yes it is I JuneBug and well sometimes I just feel the need to be creative - heck if my male Master can then I sure the heck can too. This is a singer and it's done nothing but run in the last month or so. You see it helps feed us and our Masters (don't let the skinny man fool you - he can out eat a train if allowed).
Today I just wanted to add my paw prints and keep the machine warm while Master was resting or eating or something I just can't remember. Do my pet friends get crafty? Let's see what the cross-blog says....

MEOW boy these guys craft with their faces. Check out the pictures CRAZY but KOOL KAT!!

Our Master supports our way of living... Check out their Store....

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  1. HI June bug and all, we are sure excited to get to know you better. Now we get to read your back posts to figure out what your human sews and how you all live.

    see ya soon



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