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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pet Store Items

Our Male Master will be out of work and so we need to help make some doggie dough for him. Down below are samples of what can be done - but hey don't see something - then email them at and put in your custom order (already in the last 2 months they have done over 30 custom orders so the experience is there)...
They will custom make for your dog - click the link to find out more
-  and just so you know this service is only $5.00

And for your Christmas time pets.
Here you go and again this service is only $5.00

And by golly for those that love cats... these bags are great for toys, cat treats, jewelry holder and awesome for kids birthday candy goodie bag - you know "Those Party Favors"..

Our Master supports our way of living... Check out their Store....

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