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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Cat who can Read and A Cat in a Box

Our beautiful friend Carol from England sent me these two pictures of her darlin cats - I am a cat lover and can get away with have 1 in the RV.
You know pets are amazing for the funny's they share in our lives... Enjoy the pictures as much as I have!!
Carol home teaches her children
and well I guess it caught on

And well ummmm not sure what the story is here other then just plain being cute
and caught in the act

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  1. Aww I totally forgot to tell you the story that goes with each picture.
    Tiger, was asleep and Em was in the middle of reading and needed to pop to the ladies, so she popped her book under his paw and he woke as she returned and looked nonplussed at the book.
    As for Willow, since she was tiny kitten she loved squeezing into small spots and boxes. She even tried to sit in a cereal box once!!

  2. Glad to see that the hometeaching overflows to the whole family! :)


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