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Friday, November 11, 2011

Pets for Vets and Vets for Pets EQUAL A HERO

This is a very important day - it's a day to give thanks to all those who paid our price for freedom with their lives. Pets are amazing - I had a dog and with no training ran through fire to protect me. That was my Laci - gosh I miss her. The service down below is very amazing because they are for "Pets for Vets" to help those Vets who come home not the same way they left.

Service Dogs 4 Servicemen, Inc., is a Non-Profit (501c3 pending) organization whose mission is to place fully-trained Service Dogs with US Military Veterans in need. The dogs in our program are from various Rescue Agencies as well as a few selectively bred puppies. Affording a high-quality Service Dog is often difficult for those on Veteran’s Benefits and SD4SM’s mission is to provide excellent Service Dogs at a moderate cost – fund-raising to support the overhead expenses of raising and training a Service Dog. Veterans are selected through an application process and matched with the appropriate Service Dog. We provide on-going training and assistance for the Veteran-Service Dog Team, as well as educational programs for both public and private entities.
Service Dogs 4 Servicemen, Inc., is privately funded – we do not receive any government assistance and depend solely on the generosity of our supporters.
We are in need of Puppy Raisers and Adult Dog Foster homes. We are looking for loving families or individuals who want to make a positive impact on the lives of Veterans with disabilities by helping to raise and train a Service Dog.
Basic dog care items are also appreciated – please see our website for more information

To Find out more about this please visit their web site
We wish to thank all the pets who serve our Vets and we wish to say thanks to those Vets who have served us.... Because of you we are able to be FREE...

Our Master supports our way of living... Check out their Store....

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