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Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello everyone!! We are in Idaho right now and having a blast. I have to say (SnowPea speaking) I had many boo boo's from the grass and it's local bugs...

As you can see it looks terrible. But I never noticed. It was my female Master who seen these awful spots and freaked. But they are gone and I am back to being pretty. So what my master does is spray organic bug spray to help keep the bugs off of my tummy. So far it's working like a charm.
This is was taking about 20 minutes before we hit the road back in Rufus.
We are missing Klara big time!!

OK we have to stay on our leashes because there are bears, moose, deer, elk, turkey and I will chase anything because I have no fears (Milita Speaking). So here I am just being a total goof.

And JuneBug is loving the kitchen table. The reason being is because it's next to the window and from there I see all the wild birds flying here and there. But OMG when the big Tom Turkey with his feather in a full frame was an amazing thing to see. His wife wasn't far behind and is so tiny compared to ole Tom. We see hunters with big guns everyday and so I am safe and happy inside!!

We'll blog again in a couple of days - no inet right now!! Once we have it again we'll go crazy for you!!

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  1. More blogs and pics when you can! Have fun1


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