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Monday, May 16, 2011

Moving Day

It's moving day. We so love moving days. We lay and watch our Masters work like crazy getting things in order. Sometimes we'll get lucky enough to see the male Master trip or something - this almost a guaranteed show.

SnowPea always travels on our female Masters lap and will have it no other way. It's some times hard on Master because she works from her computer and well SnowPea makes it hard to balance her and the computer.

Milita is a typical travel dog. She is up the entire time watching out the window. Always watching. She never gets sick and just enjoys every second of the adventure.

JuneBug is the one that gets the most attention and we think it's because the female Master baby's him the most. He gets to ride in the cat crate and is always being tucked somewhere safe and with-in arm reach of the female Master. JuneBug is their first pet and so I can understand why the extra attention on travel day. JuneBug is now very good on moving day and hasn't meowed since the first month of travel - two years ago.

We will be leaving within the hour and all of our items are in place to make the trip easier on everyone. Our leashes for those short stops. Our travel water bowls (JuneBug can't eat or drink until we are parked for the day - other wise he may get sick) and plenty of poop bags (our owners no matter where they are - are firm believers in picking up our scat - its the law in most states). 
We also stay on our leashes for many reasons. Its the law and just because our Masters love us doesn't mean you will - and so we must give all humans the right not to fear us. If they wish to come up to us and pet us - we so invite you to - but it's your choice. We like this law!!

And so we must go because there is more work to be done. Check out our pictures later today (we may not have wifi and may have to wait till tomorrow to post. But be on the look-out and drop us a line to say HI!!

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