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Friday, July 22, 2011

9 Lives is it Myth or Fact?

In the words of JuneBug!!

Our female Master does research for a living and today she had to some animal topics that involves witchery involving animals - eek creepy. And with that in mind today's blog topic is fitting with her research of sorts.

Cat o'nine tails - A whip

In olden days, people were flogged by a nasty device made up of three separate knottings of three stands attached to the whip's handle. While the strands may have been made from the hide of cats, the multiple of 9 had already been associated with cats; presumably if a person being flogged survived, they were as lucky as a cat with 9 lives.

And so the question is? Nine Lives? Is it Myth or Fact?

Rumor has it, witches would turn into cats but could only do this 9 times... I liked to think it's because cats have a greater advantage then most creatures with 4 legs. Now lets think about this for a moment. A cat has a better chance of survival from higher fall then a lower fall due to the fact that they have time to bend their legs which makes for a cushior landing. With their quick reaction they have a faster thinking spell of how to get out of a pickler then most animals are capable. With keen sense and balance with also a great amount of swiftness, it's no wonder most think they have 9 lives. But any and all animals have one shot here on earth - they just have a lot more advantages to live a longer life span.

But my secret is:

Which is why I am on my 4 life today...

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