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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Milita our Border Collie Says

This was take by my male Master. You see when my female Master is outside I do not relax because she is my full time job keeping an eye on her. When she runs I run when she walks I walk. And when anyone messes with her - they get a chunk of my verbal NO you don't...

I am a working dog even though my last Master (who was a complete abusive jerk and thank you ICARE for saving my life along with my sister Mindy). I don't herd sheep's or cows but I do dang good care of my female Master and my nightly treats is getting to sleep either next to her or at her feet. A true strong bond has grown stronger since being here in Idaho which makes this state awesome!!

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  1. Milita, I am sure you work very hard and I am glad that you have new better masters!


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