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Monday, July 25, 2011


All Puppies and Kitties please tell your Masters about a job that is looking for ASAP help. I may get to meet you!!

Hello folks... The company we are working for QSI is looking for someone ASAP to work as a camphost/gate keeper....

-All you have to do is collect information (permit numbers and lic plate numbers) from time to time sell a day pass (which is not a lot because the folks around here are smart and buy a yearly pass for a way cheap price).

-There are no bathrooms to clean - no maintence (other then keeping your camp area clean which is A MUST)...

-There are no hook-ups (they bring h20 and there is a septic tank for your waste).

If you have any interest please contact Shelly

(let her know you found this ad on Evielynne's Blog)

she is the owner of QSI (and super great to work for).

(208)623-2539 or (866)437-7711 - toll Free

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