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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meat Bees and Pets

A meat bee is not a bee at all, but a wasp from either the Vespula or Dolichovespula genus. Meat bees are also known as “yellowjackets,” especially in the United States. Outside North America, they are more commonly referred to as “wasps.” Humans and yellowjackets often have contentious relationships, because these wasps can be quite aggressive about defending their territory.
The term “meat bee” is a reference to the fact that these wasps feed primarily on other insects. In fact, they can be quite beneficial as neighbors, since they eat an assortment of insect pests. They will also scavenge if they find meat lying around, as many picnickers have learned. In the fall, when the wasps need to store up energy, they may also scavenge on sweet drinks and fruit for the sugar.
Bees and wasps are close relatives, but they are very different creatures, despite the fact that they look similar enough for some people to refer to wasps as bees. One of the key differences between wasps and bees is that bees have evolved to feed on nectar and pollen, while wasps eat a variety of foods, depending on their species. In the case of the meat bee, humans are primarily concerned with the potential for painful stings which may be dealt out by a nest of infuriated wasps in self-defense.

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It drive my female Master to hear the word Meat Bee. Back where she is from they say yellowjackets but either way it's very serious and duah of course your going to have them in the woods - there is no way around it. And with the summer here in Idaho which has only rained like once in the last 2 months they are out in force. And as pets we have to be careful. Although both Milita and SnowPea try to eat them - I know we're crazy. My female Master also does not like to use chemicals because that can be worse. So we swat using a bee swatter and it also act like a fan and so we are so spoiled. So beeeeee careful other pet friends.

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  1. Ugh, I do not like yellow jackets...they are so huge!


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