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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How Our Cat Delt with Elevation

Not Pretty....

JuneBug is a 4 year old BRAT - No just kidding. Dogs are suppose to think that aren't they... We'd like to pretend that is the case but who truly are we fooling? Yesterday our hearts were so stressed because our cat pet had to be put in the "Pet Jail" - as we dogs call it. It's a place where and when SnowPea is bad has to go - which thankfully is not very often. HA-HA being a Border Collie I am exempt from "Pet Jail" because I am the true Master of this rig - well let me dream the little dream would ya?

Back to the point. JuneBug has traveled in the RV since he was like 6 months old and well he's a great traveler "EXCEPT" when we hit a major elevation change and the poor thing will howl. We are not use to that and we can't help him and it breaks our heart. And so we make special stops along the beating path for our female Master to sooth the ole boy.

Well we made it to our winter home. All happy and in one piece. JuneBug got a FREE PASS out of Jail and we headed for the hills - lol well the green lawn for dogs to conduct our business. Speaking of which folks - please pick up after us pets because it's you who will hurt in the long run - we are finding a lot of RV parks are now saying NO to pets or charging a EXTRA rate because of the dumb dumbs out there who refuse to take care of their pet's business....

A great site that offers cheap bags is and as you know the dark bags are better for Mother Earth... So get some today and be a smart pet owner...

And since we'll be blogging daily now we'll be cross blogging some neat fun articles and we hope that you'll check out the "Cross-Blogs" you just never know how they will help...

"Cross-Blog" Article choice today is:
JuneBug is a short hair cat and so when we see cats that have long hair we just sit and aww... Check out the pics and see what these crazy little ones are all about... Support their blog by following - Pets love Pets and we worship our followers..

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  1. Glad you are doing good and there is no more Pet Jail!!


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