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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rawhide for Our Girls

Chewing... Contrary to the unfortunately very popular belief, those yummy little rawhide bone treats we give our dogs to provide distraction for our pets are actually quite bad for them.

We have never given our dogs rawhide bones before and the other day we did for the first time. They love them.... Like any toy whether for a child or pet you should always supervise your loved ones. Because everything in this world is bad for you when you get right down to it. This past summer poor milita had a major scare with chewing a stick - splinters and all.

We never leave them alone with their bones and put them up whenever we are leaving them... So our advice is always use caution.... And no we won't be giving our dogs future rawhide bones for a number of reasons - the main is the possible of swallowing a piece and they are unable to pass it through...

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